Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nov. 5

Only got about 567 words done for NaNoWriMo today but I wrote at least 3,000 in bulletin board posts on Zoe!

Again, the following will only make sense in context if you've been following the story since November 1st. And remember, it's RAW unedited writing. -- GHC

* * *

Linda Jean Wallace and Terri Strother were the first guests to arrive. Friends of Lydia’s since childhood, the three young women were closer than peas in a pod. Linda was an ornery girl who, like Lydia, refused to conform to social standards of the time and often shocked the ladies of the party line with both her conversations and her demeanor. Terri, on the other hand, was the epitome of conformity as far as the party line ladies were aware. It was a huge joke between the girls because Terri had been the first of the three to smoke a cigarette, have a sip of beer, and unbeknownst to the community at large was two months’ pregnant right now even though she’d only been married for two weeks. To be totally fair, the three girls had each done their share of drinking beer and wine, smoking pot, kissing boys and smoking cigarettes. It wouldn’t be polite to discuss their sex life but suffice it to say that there wasn’t a virgin to be found among them.

Terri brought a huge box wrapped in pink paper slathered in roses with a gigantic pink bow. Linda came with a shirt-sized box that was efficiently gift-wrapped at Glunger & Reece by Mrs. Effie Lawson in the gift wrapping department. Glunger & Reece conveniently offered free gift wrapping service for any purchase made in the store. Lydia greeted both girls with a squeal of delight when she saw the gifts.

“Wow, Terri, that’s huge! What did you do, pack your dirty laundry in a box for me to get rid of?”

“Heckfire, Lydia, you have enough dirty laundry of your own. I don’t think you could handle any more.”

“Good one! I see you made the supreme effort, Linda Jean. What did you do, remember right before you left home that you had to bring me a present?” Lydia teased.

“Caught me red-handed, Lydia. Actually I remembered and bought this a week ago but forgot it and had to go back home and get it.”

Lila chose this moment to stop nursing her vodka and Diet Pepsi in the kitchen and come into the main room to greet the guests.

“Mom, you don’t have to come out yet. It’s just Linda Jean and Terri. They’re early. Go back in the kitchen and relax.”

“Hello, Mrs. Glunger,” Terri said. “You look lovely in that dress.”

“Thank you,” Mrs. Glunger beamed. “You look very pretty yourself. Why you’re practically glowing. Married life must agree with you.” Terri blushed appropriately.

“Good evening, Mrs. Glunger. You’ve done a bang-up job decorating the house and everything.”

“Thank you, Linda Jean. It was Mr. Glunger’s idea for the cotillion theme – all white and everything. I’m glad you like it.”

“Mom, we’re going to go out on the patio for some fresh air. I’ll let you know when everyone arrives.”

The girls retired to the backyard patio where Linda Jean proceeded to roll a joint without further ceremony. Terri declined because of the baby and all, but Lydia and Linda Jean indulged. Within minutes they were relaxed and giggly. Linda Jean regaled the others with tales of her escapades working at the Hemingway Law Firm, and Terri shared some foibles of marital life. With the marijuana-enhanced buzz, lost files and burnt coffee suddenly seemed hilarious and the three were in a fine mood when Lydia decided to let them in on the big secret.

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