Thursday, November 10, 2005

Nov. 8 & 9th -- Where Are The Posts??

In case you've been following along (and from my visitor report, it doesn't appear that anyone has been), you may have noticed there were no posts for Wednesday and Thurday. Good excuse. I was in the hospital on the neurological floor at our local medical center. I had a series of TIAs (mini-strokes) early Wednesday morning and got rushed to the emergency room and subsequently admitted. During the past two days I've had a CT of the brain, an MRI of the brain (with diffusion, whatever the hell that means), an EKG, an echocardiogram (maybe this is the one with diffusion, I lost track), a doppler vascular study of my carotid arteries, oodles of bloodwork, potassium supplements in my IVs because my potassium was low (again). The good news is my blood sugars and blood pressures were great!

I have some little residual effects. I stick the wrong word in my writing every so often (so indulge me if I make a gaff) and my speech is much more hesitant and bizarre than usual (pity my family). I lose my balance here and there but overall, I'm just as good as ever.

I scribbled some things in my legal pad while in the hospital which need transcribing. Here is a poem I wrote. Enjoy, or ignore. ~~ GHC

Life Flight Helicopter Landing at CAMC 1:50 p.m. 10 November 2005

The foreboding roar approaches;
I was outside smoking
When the warning blared:
"Level Three Trauma ETA two minutes."

Long blades beat as the
Pilot maneuvers to set down.
I watch as autumn leaves
Scurry away.
They whisper, "Hurry! Hurry!"
A weeping willow
Twists in anguish: "Save him! Save him!"

All's quiet for a minute
I envision the nurses' waiting hands
As they take the stretcher
From the copter
Cradle it in their arms
And race downstairs to E.R.
As relatives race down I-79
Urging, "Hurry! Hurry!
"Save him...Save him!"

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