Sunday, January 29, 2006

Conscious One

I often think of my Journey as a stair-climb when I'm experiencing a rough patch. In my mind I'm a tiny creature (maybe a snail) attempting to get to the Next Step. Just when it seems like I'll never get to the top, I breathlessly slide onto the horizontal surface and get to rest for a bit before resuming my climb.

Recently I made what in retrospect loooks like a teensy climb onto a Next Step. Admittedly though, while I was making the climb it seemed monumental. Computer problems, more computer problems, problems with my back-up computer, more problems with the repaired original... The washing machine died; our car was teetering on the edge of oblivion; I got the flu. (Wash, rinse, repeat).

Then voilah! The gears of the Universe fell in place and good things started happening. I type this post today from a good place, a place of gratitude and joy. Rather than bore you with my insignificant giddiness, I want to share a lovely site that may bring you happiness and peace, as well as joy, when the concept falls into place.

Conscious One.

My deepest curtsy to Fran Friel for turning me on to this link over at Yada Feast.

"Science and spirituality both agree that what appears to be empty space is actually a field of unlimited consciousness and potential..."

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If you'll excuse me, I have a field to plow. ~~GHC


Katie said...

Yeah Ginger! I'm glad you and your computer are back.

Ginger said...

Thanks, Katie! ;-)