Monday, April 03, 2006

Word Verification Character Names -- Why not?

Lately I've been thinking about incorporating some of the word verification letters in my work as character names. Qqcexsm, Blighelmti, Ykixulq, Nixxmt, Encpl and many others all sound like intriguing character names. Imagine King Nixxmt sending Knight Qqcexsm out to slay the Beast Ykixulq. He and his good comrads, Blighelmti and Encpl... You get the idea. Heck, it beats John Graham and Michael Jones.


Katie said...

Ha! You certainly wouldn't have any legal problems where the real Queen Nixxqt called you and said you unfairly represented her in your story.

Ginger said...

Hehe!! I just love your mind, Katie!

Ginger (lgzstop this time)