Monday, June 19, 2006

Mountain Voices due out July 1

Mountain Voices: Illuminating the Character of West Virginia will be available for purchase July 2006 (ordering info will be posted soon). Thirty-plus stories, essays, and poems by two dozen writers make up the second anthology by West Virginia Writers, Inc., the largest non-profit writers' resource and service organization serving literary interests in West Virginia.

By turns emotive and entertaining, the stories, essays, and poems in Mountain Voices paint a rich and meaningful portrait of West Virginia's people. True to the mountaineer spirit, the anthology "depicts scenes and events shaped by geography, landscape, and memory." ~~ Lawrence J. McKenzie, English Instructor at West Virginia University, Parkersburg.

The lead story, Ginger Hamilton Caudill's "Taking Grandma Home," is a tale that begins with nostalgic memories of the family farm and quickly turns into a hilarious, if gritty, journey by a family on a mission of remembrance.

Patsy Evans Pittman's "Like A Gift" shows how a widow outfoxes a city slicker attempting to cheat her out of her land for the underlying oil reserves.

“The Angel and the Dog,” by Ed Davis, author of I Was So Much Older Then; Healing Art;, Whispering Leaves; Haskell; and The Measure of Everything. is a compelling story about a preacher trying to come to terms with his belief and unbelief.

“Elegy for my Father,” a poem by Wilma Acree, author of About Bee Robbing and Other Things and Wilma Acree: Greatest Hits 1985-2000, recreates remarkable word pictures from the mind of a little tomboy who remembers good times with her farmer father.

West Virginia Writers, Inc. founded in 1977, is the largest non-profit writers' resource and service organization serving literary interests in West Virginia. Its mission is to give voice to the state’s people and way of life. The organization supports serious writing activities via networks, groups, youth forums, online roundtables, blogs, e-letters, classes, competitions, awards, and an annual conference.

Contact Information:
906 18th Street
Vienna, WV 26105
Phone: 304-295-4738


With Love, Fat Girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS I'm absolutely in awe of your publishing prowess! Besides the obvious talent (again, I loved your story in Her Story), how do you do it?

With Love, Fat Girl said...

One more thing - I *finally* figured out how to link and have added you to my life!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Ginger!! I'm so excited for you, and proud to be (originally) from West Virginia.