Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coal Keeps The Lights On... BUT

This T-shirt design was inspired by George Bush's recent visit to Charleston, West Virginia. The next day, our local television news station announced we are the fastest shrinking city in the nation. The information had been available for weeks; I suppose the President didn't want citizens aware of it while he was here.

West Virginia's coal companies tout the slogan "Coal keeps the lights on." Apparently they're too stupid to realize keeping the lights on means barely surviving -- just managing to keep the power bill paid. Or maybe they think West Virginians are too stupid to realize it.

Either way, I designed this shirt to let everyone know what I think. All my T-shirt products are sold under the Clara Chandler name. If you can lend support to this idea, please pass the information along. I'd sure appreciate it. ~~GHC

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