Wednesday, October 06, 2010

School After Twenty-Eight Years

I decided to return to college to work towards a degree in business management in order to help run a business my husband and I and a third partner are starting. After 29 years' hiatus, college was not the easiest project I ever attempted.

At first, I found I could not memorize anything. I studied over and over and the material just fell through holes in my brain. I despaired of being able to remember well enough to pass my classes.

My first score on the accounting test was a solid "D". My first business management test was a "B", for which I was ridiculously thankful. I still don't know what score I got on my communications quiz because the instructor is moving and was ill, and hasn't returned our quizes even after six weeks.

I received a "B" on my next accounting quiz, and last night I took another management test on three chapters, and I feel very confident about it. The studying I did paid off; I immediately recognized the words and questions from the backs of the chapters.

I'd encourage anyone to try and return to school even after nearly thirty years. It won't be easy at first -- in fact, you might be convinced it's all a huge mistake. But keep at it, don't give up. You've had a lifetime to gather coping skills, and in all likelihood, you will call on every single one of them. Persist. Endure. Believe.

I won't make the straight "A's" I made when I originally was in school, in fact, I'll be lucky if I get a "C" in accounting, but it's all worth it. I promise.

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