Monday, August 27, 2012

Living with Librans

Two Librans occupying the same household with no outside influence to speak of lead an interesting existence. My daughter and I are gentle and loving with one another, agreeable to a fault for the most part, content to eat whenever, sleep whenever, happy to spend time with each other, supportive. Easygoing is the operative term.

The flip side of that coin is, well, indolence. The rinsed-but-dirty dish pile grows steadily, silently, stealthily. The laundry, while clean (because we can't stand stinky), is stacked five loads high in the basket on top of the dryer. Because? Well, because neither of us has initiated folding it yet. 

Yes, I am the adult, so it's incumbent upon me to both institute structure and step up the pace. I'll get around to that...maƱana. For sure. Because, OMG, I don't think I can stand this mess another day!! Oops, there's the third side to the Libran personality. 

We are gentle and agreeable and content to the extent of laziness sometimes -- only it's really not laziness; it is satisfaction more than anything. Picture Buddha. Nobody thinks Buddha is lazy, but he's hardly a marathon runner either.

The extreme of this contentment slides right into the den of inactivity. Nothing gets done during this phase. The fridge is full, the shelves are stocked, all the laundry is clean, but we don't want to move.

Then panic mode kicks in when energy returns. *Ding* a bell goes off in our pretty heads and we're tearing around with a vacuum in one hand and a dust rag in the other. Lift your feet! Better yet, run for your life! It won't last long, just long enough to get things in order so we can sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Yes, Libra is the sign of balance but the key point to remember is we seek balance, we do not maintain it. We are constantly adjusting, tweaking, chasing after that Impossible Dream where everything is level and even and clean, pretty, and smells nice.

Till next time. ~GHC

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