Thursday, September 20, 2012

The First Time - But for What??

Just for fun. Can you guess what is happening? Good luck! ;-)

The First Time

It's a universal process – women experience it every day. In fact, most women go through it more than once. Her muscles tensed; her back ached and she prayed it would soon be over. Eloise felt the band encircling her tighten mercilessly.

Breathe. I just need to breathe. They said taking deep breaths will help me to relax.

She glanced down, intending a brief peek, and found herself enthralled by the drama. A bulge appeared, parting the hairs. It grew larger. The band felt tighter. 

What if I have to pee? I feel trapped. 

The nurse was poking around with her finger now. Eloise gasped.

"Sorry about that. I know it's uncomfortable. It's almost over now. Just take a deep breath. You're doing fine."

There was a push, another push -- a sudden sharp spark of pain followed by a flash of blood. More blood. Eloise felt faint. The band loosened. Immediately, the pain ceased. It was over.

The nurse smiled as she taped a cotton ball to Eloise's arm. "Your doctor will have the results of your bloodwork by this afternoon, Mrs. Jakowski. Wait till about three o'clock and give the office a call."

Hope this gave you a smile. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. ~~GHC

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