Friday, November 23, 2012

Bonus Treat: Synesthesia Art Film

This is a wonderful film by Terri Timely which depicts synesthesia. Synesthesia is not easy to define and impossible to pin down, but basically it is when one sensory stimulus triggers a non-traditional neurological response. Popular media often depicts people using hallucinogenic drugs as seeing music dripping like paint -- that is synesthesia.

Example: I smell cinnamon and perceive the scent as a color (brown). I hear a certain musical instrument and feel the smooth texture of velvet. It is a sensuality that crosses the neurological borders which we are taught that the five senses include.

According to Wikipedia, as many as 1 in 23 people may be synesthetes. The most common manifestation, apparently, is assigning color values to individual letters and/or numbers. 

I hope you enjoy this amazing video. ~~GH

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