Saturday, November 03, 2012

Guest Poet: Me

Technically, I'm not a Guest Poet but since I so rarely post my own poems . . . 

I look high and low for just the perfect images to accompany each of my entries. If I can't find precisely what I want, I omit the picture. It is important to me to convey and support the language with the imagery. 

I was unable to find imagery that matches the picture in my head for this poem, but I liked the one below so much that I made an exception this time in order to share it with you. Although it does not represent the warmth I envision, I think it is lovely.~~GH

Sunlight on a Pond

I was sunlight on a pond,
Echoed in ripples and shimmers.
Divided into bright, uneven fragments,
Yin met yang.
My brilliance multiplied into protracted flashes of protected colors.
I glimmered and twinkled.

I was sunlight on a pond,
and I was warm.


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