Sunday, January 06, 2013

Guest Musician: Kris Delmhorst

                                                                   Kris Delmhorst

Blue Adeline 

Blue Adeline, blue Adeline
I can see you lying awake with wonder
I can see you running alive with hunger

Blue Adeline, your face felt like mine
Remember how we hung there above the hollow?
Remember how you went where I could not follow?

Blue as a day without rain, without rain
Blue as a song that I make my refrain

Blue Adeline, I keep you through time
And inside my soul, you're an open window
Even now I still think I feel that wind blow

Blue, you're a day without shame, without shame
Blue, you're a song that I'll sing for so long

[Yeah, it's like that. Lovely, Kris.~~GH]

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