Saturday, January 26, 2013

Momma 1, BBQ 0

What is it about certain kinds of bread that changes the entire experience of eating a sandwich? I love bread. I'm a total carboholic. Put me in a room with a slab of bread and a tub of butter, something to wash it down with, add a heat source, and I'm pretty much set for life. Oh, and thou of course. ;)

The other day, I decided to use up some Italian sub rolls I'd bought, and put BBQ on one. BBQ on a hamburger bun? Wonderful. BBQ on regular slice of bread? Eatable. BBQ on an Italian sub roll? Meh. I could not force myself to finish it.

Here's Momma oh-so-closely inspecting the leftovers. She couldn't have sniffed them from a shorter distance if she'd used an electron microscope to measure it. 

Final determination: Momma found BBQ on an Italian sub roll inedible, as well.

Conclusion: BBQ on an Italian sub roll is inedible. ~~GH

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