Thursday, February 28, 2013

Likes and Dislikes

Things I Don’t Like

  • When a representative of a college suggests students stuff ballots by using every distinct computer they have access to, to vote in a contest whose rules clearly specify “one vote per day,” in order to win funds for the school. I’m not sure how the honor code works, but I feel sure it wasn’t intended to work this way.

  • When an advocacy group sends an email bragging that a deal is a customer’s dream but a carrier’s nightmare. Really? Are we in third grade here? Does everything need to be adversarial and negative?

  • When the USPS screws with my mail and causes me mega grief. Nuff said.

Things I Do Like

  • Drivers who willingly yield so folks leaving the hollow can make the left turn onto the highway.

  • Drivers who acknowledge with a wave of the hand when you yield so they can make the left turn out of the hollow and pull onto the highway.

  • Pedestrians who wave “thank you” when you yield and permit them to cross (like you’re supposed to anyway).

  • Students at my college who open doors for me, offer to help me lug stuff up the stairs, and generally look out for me in kind and respectful ways.

  • Friendly fast food workers. Those peeps are on their feet and work under unpleasant conditions, and so many of them still let their humanity show.

I guess that boils down to not liking dishonesty, rudeness, and incompetence, and liking courtesy, kindness, and respect. 

Sorry this is not earth-shattering news. ~~GH

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