Thursday, February 14, 2013

What is Creative Nonfiction?

So for Valentine's Day, that most romantic of days, the day when we acknowledge the one we love most -- I have chosen Creative Nonfiction as the recipient of my affection. You might question my decision (if one would be so bold as to question another's choice in lover) and ask me "Why not writing in general? Why CNF?" 

I crave freedom in a way that few others even imagine. I can't begin to explain this need for freedom; trust me that it exists and drives and informs my entire existence. Creative nonfiction provides the canvas for my creativity to breathe and expand its lungs, to thrive, to celebrate Life.

Eric LeMay asks "What is Creative Nonfiction?" on his February 1st blog. Please do read his post; there are marvelous and varied explanations from many experts in the "field" of creative nonfiction about what it is, what defines CNF.

LeMay explores the question fairly thoroughly for such a brief essay. I like this take on it best of all:
As a term, creative nonfiction amounts to a paradox, a challenge, a generative constraint, one that not only makes us rethink what is or isn't fiction, what is or isn't creative, but also one that makes us ask what our medium can do . . . nothing less than to remake reality into an aesthetic experience.
So Happy Valentine's Day from me to you. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to go back to remaking reality into an aesthetic experience. ~~GH

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