Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dancing in the Dark

When we don’t openly address our fears in relationship, we isolate ourselves from each other, clinging to a no-one’s-land somewhere between our inner and outer fears, infecting our relationship with our various strategies to get away from our fears. Fear does not go away as we mature; we simply learn to work with it more and more effectively, minding its presence less and less.
                      ~~ Robert Augustus Masters

This spoke to me as I read it. I re-read it several times and let it sink in.

It is true for me, that whole devising strategies to escape my fears. And it's ridiculous, pointless, really. Like running away from my shadow. 

I think that's how I shall conceptualize my fears from now on, as part and parcel of myself, as shadows that tag along and will remain attached. Certain ways the light shines (situations that trigger my fears), the shadows/fears become more visible or noticeable. But as I accept their presence and stop trying to run away from them or escape my own shadows, I will grow to mind their presence less and less.

I like that. Thank you, Robert August Masters. ~~GH

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