Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Electric Slide

Looks indestructible, doesn't it?
Not so much. They pretty much
wet their pants when I come near.
The strange electrical issues I've had with the car came to a head Tuesday evening. (Since you probably don't know this trivia about me, my entire life has been one long continuous electrical problem after another with computers, small and large appliances, watches, cars, etc., anything with an energy charge. This included expensive medical equipment I came in contact with when I worked as a nurse, to the extent that I was forbidden to come near some particularly pricey items. 

Suction machines seemed especially sensitive, as did EKG machines [Suction machines, thankfully, were relatively cheap since much of my nursing career revolved around patients who required suctioning; EKGs, not so much. Respirators and ventilators were not so finicky, thank goodness]. I discharge massive amounts of electricity and that does not bode well with electrical products/appliances. I've killed an amazing number of computers in my lifetime.) 

My car has variously chosen to turn off its own cruise control in the middle of the highway, turn on its headlights while it is parked (without a key in the ignition), and sometimes its lights randomly flash like a horror movie laboratory while I'm driving.

The headlamps came on in the parking lot at dusk this evening, and I went out and clicked the "lock" function, which did kick them off. Thought no more about it till I went out to pick up Younger Daughter from work tonight. Wouldn't turn over, and did the whole chattering noise thing, horror movie light flashing with the overhead light supercharging for several seconds. Yeah. Not good.

Older Daughter tried jumping it when she got back here from picking up Younger Daughter for me, to no avail. Repeat horror movie episode. So I reckon tomorrow the old gal (car) will get towed to the shop for a $$$ transfusion (my pocket to the mechanic's). I'm sure he's ready for a new yacht by now. #SoItGoes ~~GH

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