Thursday, March 28, 2013

The View From Behind

The view from my place on the couch doesn't change much. Momma keeps her back to me most of the time.
Normal Sleeping Position

Here is the "Profile From Behind" pose. Note the straight spine, the extended tail, the noble Roman profile. She is preparing to explore the kitchen to see if the food bowl has been replenished.

Here, Momma feigns preparing to jump behind the couch. She won't. She never has, never will. It's just another excuse to display the View From Behind.

Here is the "Straight-On From Behind" pose. Almost perfect alignment from tail tip to ear tip, but not quite. I'll give this one a 9.7. She contemplates completion of the last leg of the 15-foot-long journey from chair to kitchen . . . to examine the food bowl.

Initiating "Cheshire Cat" sequence
Phase II "Cheshire Cat" sequence

Cheshire Cat sequence complete
And that, Dear Reader, is the view from behind.~~GH

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