Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Does Love Mean?

This is copied directly from Dr ibn-Hyman's blog and represents his response to the question posed by a student: What does love mean? 

He is a wise man and I am honored to study under him. ~~GH

What Does Love Mean?

We are so inclined to label "love" what we think it is.

A behavior that we do. A psychology that we adopt. A philosophy that we hold.

Something that merely affects us, intoxicates us, plagues us, even condemns us.

Never is it clear what love is not.

Love is not behavior. You behave in particular ways to appease, even defer to love.

Love is not psychology. You think certain ways to understand love.

Love is not a philosophy. You believe certain ways to keep faith in love.

It is that profound recognition, that self-affirming sense of comfort, that sacrificial surrender of selfhood to the certainty that you have encountered your God in the flesh - living, breathing, dwelling among men.

And,  for the sake of love,  you submit...relinquishing all.

~~ Sundjata Keita ibn-Hyman

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