Friday, May 17, 2013

Attraction Principle

I recently attended a pagan festival. Although I am not pagan, I greatly enjoy my pagan brothers and sisters and respect their beliefs, and I don't miss an opportunity to attend celebrations whenever possible.

"Pagan" is an umbrella term that encompasses a fairly broad variety of beliefs. I think -- and I am no expert -- the commonality is a deep abiding respect and love for Nature. 

Crystals and minerals were for sale in vast variety and dazzling color selections. I resonate with geological paraphernalia and have throughout my lifetime collected selections that appealed to me.

I overheard one woman describe a crystal she had purchased as having the quality of attracting chaos to it. I thought to myself that if I had one of those, it would create such a vortex inside my apartment that a black hole would appear and the world would end. ~~GH

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