Sunday, May 05, 2013


I follow my horoscope more or less regularly. There is one that I read without fail, every day, from the spot-on guy who runs Xstrology. There are a couple of others I glance at on a more or less regular basis, and I skim Twitter's "Libra" feed for highlights once a week or so.

Today I read a Tweet that said Librans want a "Delete" button to get rid of some people, memories, and feelings. I call shenanigans. I would never delete any part of my life (I don't believe). 

Even the horrible parts. 

Maybe even especially the horrible parts.

It is by being able to pull out those painful things and finger them, touch them like talismans and turn them over and over a sacred number of times before tucking them back in my pocket that I am able to more fully appreciate the joyful times and experiences in my life. 

I require the comparison in order to more fully live. Without the existence of lows, how can I appreciate the highs? For all the humans who bemoan the variety in terrain on this path we're traveling, we'd surely become bored soon enough if the way were level, the sun always shining ('though I'm sure we'd all invite the opportunity to experience that boredom once in awhile).

So no "Delete" button for me, Life. Thank you just the same. ~~GH

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