Friday, May 31, 2013

Ginger Hamilton

My dear friend Seedy Johnson wrote a dictionary-type entry about me. I think it's perfect.

Ginger Hamilton: /ˈjinjər/ /ˈhaməltən/ An intoxicating and potentially deadly flower, also called the Angel's Trumpet, and among those under its influence, the "Willing Woman". Proliferates in wild environments. Its chemistry produces a strong hallucinogenic effect when ingested and a mental state of preternatural love and desire, making the plant a popular drug for shamanistic rituals. Abuse of this beautiful flower may result in fatalities.

(Ginger's note: Upon reading about Angel's Trumpet flowers, I learned they confer upon the butterflies who consume their nectar and pollen a quality of protection from predators that extends all the way through to the next adult butterfly generation. I am so well pleased.) 

Seedy is a brilliant writer and teller of grand tales, and among his **many** talents and skills, he is a terrific graphic artist. He created my 'gh' logo I sign each column with. Contact him here. ~~GH
[Tomorrow: Let Go of Expectations]

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