Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Mashed Potatoes, Please

Ya know, too often we doubt ourselves and the influence we have on others. We delude ourselves into believing we need to invent a new rocket or cure cancer in order to leave a mark. I spend a lot of time reading, and something I read tonight stuck with me. 

People on a nostalgia thread were discussing memories (what else?) and somebody triggered remembering Mrs. Let's-Call-Her-Johnson and how she always gave the writer extra mashed potatoes and gravy. Boom! You'd think Mrs. Johnson had been St. Augustine. It was a love-fest, I'm tellin' ya.

So just be you. Whether it's smiling at everyone you meet, or always sharing an encouraging word, putting quarters in parking meters, or helping others with homework, cutting slack when slack is cuttable -- or slipping an extra scoop of mashed potatoes and slathering on that gravy -- you never know who-all is gonna remember you fondly or how profoundly you affected their life.~~GH

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