Friday, May 10, 2013

Smile A Little Smile For Me

You know how when an actor portrays a convincing "bad guy," people react viscerally and ooze vitriol? They feel a strong sense of, well, sometimes hatred. But when an actor portrays a convincing "good guy," we don't seem to get the equivalent overwhelming positive emotional state.

I understand that, more than likely, this is because we are already naturally good -- supposed to be good like that -- so it's the default. 

Work with me here.

Thing is, I DO experience that positive emotional response. The "squee" that a lot of folks seem to only get from kittens and baby hippos and ducklings and such. I get those same feelings when I see a very wrinkled old man, or a homeless guy with incredibly kind eyes, or a deformed person with a glow about them.

I'm not special. Trust me. I am no Mother Theresa, or anything close to it. I'm just like you. Maybe -- and this is a maybe -- I just permit myself to open up and respond to the spirit in other people. 

I think you can, too.

I told my son the other night when we were talking about connections to start out making eye contact with other people and give them a big ole warm smile. It makes a huge difference. We all need that connection. Everything in Life seems geared toward connecting to others.

So try it. Make eye contact with the next person you see, no matter who they are. Then smile warmly as if you see the very best part of their spirit. 

Then do it with the next 10,000 people you see. 

We need to reconnect. We all do. I love you. ~~GH

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