Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Writer in Training

Occasionally, a friend will ask me why I bother taking more writing classes when I seem to have a pretty good handle on my craft. I appreciate these votes of confidence more than you can know! 

I continually hone my skills, try to cull unnecessary habits while bulking up juicy tidbits, so my readers will receive the best I have to offer. It's along the veins of a boxer perpetually in training.

You never know when the Universe and the Muse will join forces and deposit the Story of a Lifetime in my lap. I want to be ready when it happens. ~~GH

"Unless a writer works constantly to improve and refine the tools of his trade, they will be useless instruments if and when the moment of inspiration, of revelation, does come. This is the moment when a writer is spoken through, the moment that a writer must accept with gratitude and humility, and then attempt, as best he can, to communicate to others."
                ~~Madeleine L'Engle