Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WV Folklife Center Gala

This Saturday, my elder daughter will be joining me for a lovely jaunt upstate to enjoy Fairmont State University's Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center's Spring Gala (that's a mouthful). 

The latest issue of TRADITIONS: A JOURNAL OF WEST VIRGINIA FOLK CULTURE AND EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS is being released at the Gala, and features "Fed From the Blade," West Virginia Writers' latest anthology published by Woodland Press

Editor Cat Pleska and co-editor Michael Knost put together a great collection of short stories and poetry, and publisher Keith Davis did a wonderful job producing a quality book. Cat's cover design and photography made "Fed From the Blade" a trifecta of artistic achievement. "Fed From the Blade" was nominated for the prestigious Appalachian Writers Association 2012 Appalachian Book of the Year Awards. The winners will be announced in October 2013. 

Phyllis Wilson Moore reviewed the collection for TRADITIONS, which includes my story "Bringing Home the Bacon" in its entirety, as well as an interview of me conducted by Cat Pleska. I am so pleased to have "Bringing Home the Bacon" immortalized this way. Phyllis remarked on Facebook recently that "'Bringing Home the Bacon' is so graphic. Harry Crews couldn't have done any better."

To have my story mentioned in the same breath as Harry Crews! Oh, a dream come true!

Copies of the journal are available for purchase, as are copies of the state's literary map. I'll provide links and information as I discover it. ~~GH

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