Sunday, June 02, 2013



Grief. We all experience it at various points during our lives. It does not fit neatly into a box that we can take out, turn the contents over in our hands, experience it, then replace it and snugly close the lid, shelving it. It does not fit well into a file folder. It cannot be relegated to "G." It refuses to remain pigeon-holed.

When we mistakenly push it away, it rebounds and can threaten to swallow us whole. I'm afraid grief is something best to invite onto your lap and allow to howl in your ear until its anguish is exhausted.

Whether your loss is death, divorce, a way of life, job, an empty nest, health -- there are endless forms of loss -- your loss is real and so is your grief. Grief is natural. It is not a 'weakness' or a character flaw. You will not be stronger for having ignored it. Grieving is a process. You move through it. There is no shortcut, but you can certainly prolong it by refusing to work through it.

Find a way to grieve. Educate yourself. Here is one source that has helped me this past year. Maybe its support can help you, too.  And as always, I ♥ you. ~~GH

[Tomorrow: Transformation]

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