Monday, June 24, 2013

Thoughts on Women and Flowers

Tropicana rose (my favorite) - photo by Albert Seger

Women have been compared to and thought of as flowers from the beginning of mankind. To the casual thinker, this attribution is because women and flowers are both beautiful.

The metaphor goes far deeper.

There is a film called “The Scent of a Woman.” Whatever that means to you, consider the power of the phrase. A woman’s scent, and the scent of a flower are both powerful associations.

The petals of flowers are delicate, soft, excruciatingly smooth. We feel compelled to hold them in our hands, to possess their beauty for our own needs. Yet, if we clutch them too tightly, they crumple and crease, their perfection destroyed. As soon as we pluck them and attempt to possess them, they start to wilt. We cannot truly possess either a bloom, or a woman.

We are mesmerized by the soul wrenching beauty of a flower, yet if we attempt to hide it away from others, it will surely die from lack of sunlight.

A woman, like a bloom, thrives and gives the most joy when permitted to grow unencumbered on the vine, gently and reverently admired and appreciated. Move in close enough to bask in her scent, but do not press so hard that you bruise her petals or block the life-giving sun.

Do these things, and you may enjoy the best of her for an eternity – or try to pluck her, press her between the pages of your memory book, and you will surely destroy that which you love.  ~~Ginger Hamilton

[Tomorrow: Pining]

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