Saturday, September 07, 2013

I Am Perfect, and Flawed

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I am perfect, and flawed.
And perfectly flawed.
I am generous
And selfish.
I am open and private.

I tell stories, and truth, and lies.
I was born a raging fire
To bare-handed parents
Who did their best to avoid blisters.

Somehow I kept my spark alive.

I remain ablaze in a world of water
Intent on putting out my fire.
Dylan Thomas understood:

I will not go gentle into that dark night.

       ~~Ginger Hamilton

[Tomorrow: Forgiveness]

Review of my short story, "Dead People's Things for Sale"

If Hitchcock lived in Appalachia
September 4, 2013
Scarlet Cooks (Southern U.S.A.) - See all my reviews
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Just finished reading Hamilton's story, and enjoyed it greatly! In the very first paragraph, she settles the reader right into a genuinely Appalachian experience. She has captured the tone, the vernacular, the bitter humor and the horror of mountain people. This story would have made a very good "Alfred Hitchcock" episode. If you enjoy the short stories of Davis Grubb, you'll enjoy this!

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