Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sneak Peek Into A Work-in-Progress

Many irons in the fire, but here's a brief excerpt from a work-in-progress, "The Party Line":

"Once the full impact of the gossip struck Frances and the shock of it sank in, she fervently prayed to the Good-Lord-Almighty-God-in-Heaven that this horrible gossip be quashed and the terrible injustice undone. She pleaded, reminded Him of her faithful tithing and church attendance, of her tireless support for the Bell Tower Fund, the Pastor's Benevolence Fund, the Flower Fund, the Missionary Fund, the Building Fund, the Robert B. Wilshire Fund for the Blind, the Milk Fund, and the Bulb Fund (later known as the Beautification Committee).
In her petition, Frances humbly reminded Him of the many bandages she'd rolled for lepers in Louisiana, dolls sewn for orphans in Appalachia, packages of supplies she'd assembled for the soldiers stationed in the jungles of Vietnam, and how she always baked cookies for the Ladies Aid Society luncheons, even when _____ _____ called her at the last minute. 
Surely she had banked enough credit in Heaven for this one little favor?"
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yvette flis said...

Makes me want more. I'm instantly drawn in. Well done.

Ginger said...

Yay! Thanks for the encouraging words and for leaving a comment, Yvette! :)