Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Please Don't Feed the Elk

Last week I decided to augment my cat Momma's special dry chow with wet food. The idea was it would improve her quality of life and enjoyment.

Well, she quickly became Miss Entitled Queen Kitty Give Me Some More Right Now Dammit. I was too ill and weak to do anything but scoop some chow into her bowl all weekend and when my helper Lucky #13 returned Monday morning, Momma complained LOUDLY and ANGRILY, telling Lucky #13 how useless I was, that either I didn't know where the New Wonderful Food was kept or else I didn't know how to open the cans or something.

Lucky #13 saved the day by opening a can and mixing it with some chow. Momma gorged herself on it and she has forgiven me for the time being.

Here is a rowdy insistent young bull elk who had become accustomed to being fed by humans, to his detriment and eventual death. The Park Service had him destroyed because of prior aggressive behavior and this incident as recorded. Trust me, it's intimidating enough to have a cat bully you; you don't want an elk  bull bullying you.

Please never feed wild animals. It's not cute, it isn't cool, and it doesn't lead to good outcomes. Thanks. ~GH

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