Wednesday, November 16, 2005

27,582 Words, But Who's Counting?

I didn't get the feedback I wished for on my daily postings, so I decided to chuck it and stop posting my daily writing for NaNo. It's coming along well. Even with the lost days in the hospital and right after that, I've caught up and am on track, even a skinch ahead today.

I'm finding NaNo to be a far more lonely experience than I'd anticipated. Some writers live where there are NaNo parties, and others have support groups. Heck, I can't even find statistics for West Virginia writers on the NaNo site!

I finished my 2005 Bad Holiday Letter and subbed it tonight -- subbed it the other day to another publication. It's met with a lot of acceptance on Zoetrope, so I hope it'll be accepted. I could use the moolah.

The novel is still going full-swing. Lydia's party is rocking, Lucy's doing her job turning the church ladies against one another. Lila's passed out upstairs, the teenagers are out back getting stoned, and confusion reigns! Carey's the only one having a peaceful evening; he's in his den smoking his pipe and sipping on whiskey. What will happen next? Only the muse knows completely. She's let me in on some of it but I'm still waiting for all the details.

I'll let you know what she comes up with. ~~GHC

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