Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clara Chandler's Horrible Tribute To Robert Frost

Haunted Each Night By A Ghostly Visitor
(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Whose spirit comes each midnight bell
To haunt my house, I cannot tell
It wails and weeps till morning breaks
Then shimmers and returns to Hell

It rises from a graveyard near
Then drifts into our own house here
To frighten all who live within
And cause us all to quake with fear

It howls and wanders through the halls
Then passes through our bedroom walls
An anguished spirit who can’t rest
Like us who listen to its calls

Whoe’er it is, I cannot say
I fear that it is here to stay
At least until the break of day
At least until the break of day

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nicely done Sis, do be careful not to stray down the path to "Morose Mannor" too often.

"Whilst the moon beams beckon, piercing through the shadows cast upon a still landscape. Eboney clouds yield once more, their heavenly dominion. Spectors of the past recede gently in to the redoubt of twilight. My diming memories of hope once more come flooding back.I gaze out through a cracked window pane, seeing the first ray of dawn's light captured in a kaleidoscope of refracted colors. Daybreak intrudes first slowly over the horizon, then in the fullness of it's majesty filling my room, Despair has been vanquished for yet another evening."