Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Clara Chandler Lives!

Many of you realize Clara Chandler is one of my pen names. Clara "writes" all my dark fiction, to keep it separate from my folksy Southern work and hopefully to keep from frightening parents of young children whenever my children's books are published one day.

So add http://ChillWithClara.blogspot.com to your Favorites list, then stop by and say howdy. You'll be glad you did! Chill With Clara

Clara's first column debuts on The Horror Library Blog-O-Rama this Saturday, January 14th, 2006. She's chosen to write on the moral dilemma, that test of character that makes or breaks the hero -- or for that matter, each of us. When was the last time YOU had a test of character? How did you fare?


Sharon Hurlbut said...

I tried to leave a comment here the other night, but I guess it slipped away into the ether. Congratulations, Clara, on getting your own column! I'll have to check out the new blog.

Patricia said...

I have to link you, I'm trying to get back into the blog habit, I need to do this more, it gets my motor running, good to see you here honey..and I'll check out Clara, I love the name, she sounds like someone from the young and the restless.

Anonymous said...

surfed on over to Clara's blog, I've been waiting with baited breath to read the "Moral Dilema" story for days. but where's the story? :( The "Test" turned out to be a dead link too... :( Maybe I missed something. Grampa once said that "I was duller than a widow womans axe" recon it might just be so...Still waiting for the big story---FCH