Friday, January 06, 2006

Dishwasher or Computer?

Which would you rather be without, your computer or your dishwasher? Our dishwasher died three years ago and the landlady just had it replaced day before yesterday. I was working online when the electrician flipped the breaker to my office by mistake. I imagine I scared "the soup" out of him, as my Grandma used to say, when I screamed.

The power's gone off before due to storms and such, and the computer's never suffered any real damage as a result of it. But this time something happened. Not sure what. All I know is when I booted it up later that afternoon, nothing happened. At first I thought one of the cats had unplugged it, or I needed to reset the power strip. Nada. Then I figured maybe the monitor had fried, so I waited until my oldest son got home from the mall to switch out monitors. Nada again.

We dragged out the ancient back-up computer -- the one Noah used on the ark -- and discovered the monitor was fine. So the computer was fried. Called the electrician and they carried off the CPU with all my hard work embedded in its memory in hopes of repairing it.

The really awful part is I just got the danged CPU back and had promised myself to back up all my writing. But I was so excited to have it back that I put it off. In my defense, I did have a blank CD in the drive waiting to be written to...

As for the dishwasher, we haven't even used it yet because it's not full enough to justify a full cycle. It looks good and smells surprisingly like "new car smell."

Right now, I'd rather have my computer working.


Katie said...

I would SO rather a computer than a dishwasher. How horrid for you.

Fran Friel said...

Congratulations on the new dishwasher but the computer situation sucks...or should I say, sucks lemons, in honor of your grandma.

I'm really sorry to hear about the PC problem, G. I hope it gets fixed soon. I have one of those little flash drives (several actually) and I just keep it plugged into the USB port, and I back-up like a fiend. I back-up my work, my bookmarks, my name it, I back it up. This habit has come through "tragedy."

Get a flash drive, G. They're getting cheaper and cheaper to buy, and you can carry them in your pocket if you need to. If your CD drive goes south, you can still save and view your files.

I know I'm preaching to the choir. Okay, I'm done. I hope that wayward PC returns home soon, happy and healthy.