Thursday, February 09, 2006

Deformed M&M on eBay

As of the time of this post there've been no further bids for the Campbell's Soup Dress on eBay. (Yes, Richard, I'm sure if you paid the reserve price for this dress, you could eat crackers while wearing it. Some of us on Zoetrope would surely pitch in for a box of saltines if you promised a photo).

Image hosting by PhotobucketI wondered if any other strange items were being auctioned. The strangest one I found so far was a deformed M&M that an eleven-year-old boy is selling to earn enough money for a new pair of Boy Scout pants. A bargain at 99 cents...

If you'd rather read a strange story, check out Clara Chandler's Dead People's Things For Sale over at The Horror Library. Lots of weird things over there, and they won't cost you one red cent! ~~GHC

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