Saturday, February 11, 2006

Drifting in Time With Music

Music affects me deeply. It can take me back to a time in my life as surely as a time machine.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHere's what I'm listening to this evening: The Best of Santana

My favorite tune on this CD: Hold On 1982


Don't rush me just this once
I want to make this moment last
Slow down the pace, there's no hurry
I can't let another pass me by again
Let me be the one to say when I've had enough

Just let me close my eyes -- memorize
The way things are this minute
So when you're gone I can go on
If memory can hold within it what I'm feeling
Should time try fading or stealing something away...

Hold on, nothing's the same
Tell me why I feel this way
Life wouldn't be worth living without you
All along I've been the pretender
But now that's gone forever
Nobody's ever loved me like you do
Nobody's broken through

Got to concentrate, file away
Every last detail
Don't want to lose what's going down
I want to remember everything I'm feeling
Should time try fading or stealing something away

(Repeat chorus)

P.S. The Campbell's Soup Label dress auction ends Sunday. The reserve has been met; the current bid is $1500. (Richard, I expect a photo posted in your Zoe office!) ~~GHC

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