Friday, December 30, 2011

Karma, Facebook, and the Valley Bell

Karma is so cool. Tonight on Facebook, some folks were discussing a huge milk carton that used to be on top of a dairy in my hometown. It looked like it was pouring milk into a glass (had a twirling effect and looked "real"). One guy said his niece or someone doubted it was true. So I went looking for a photo online for him.

Back in 1961, my family was involved in a deadly flash flood where over 1500 folks were made homeless, and 22 died. One of those was my best friend. I watched her die, and have been traumatized by it for fifty years. So traumatized that I could never remember her name. What does this have to do with anything?

By searching for that photo of the milk carton, I came across a site with newspaper clippings about the flood. My mother's name was listed among the injured treated at the local hospital, along with our address. From that address, I was able to read through the other newspaper articles and discover my friend's name from her address (which I had never known and no one in my family is alive who is older than me to ask).

Now, after 50 years, I can rest knowing my friend's name. Nancy Lou Simonds, I loved you. May you rest in peace. ♥

So by trying to do a good deed for someone else, a good deed was done to me. Thanks, Karma.

Link to site about the flood: CLICK HERE - OPENS IN NEW WINDOW

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