Monday, January 09, 2012

Nine Days Smoke-free: I Need A Drink

I am wrapping up my ninth day without cigarettes. I bought one of those e-cigarettes but never took it out of its packaging. I just knew that with my addictive tendencies, I'd get hooked on the fake ciggies which cost a dollar per pack more than the real ones. My skinflint heart just couldn't take that.

So I quit cold turkey. Just read a study that was released a few hours ago about folks who quit cold turkey. The study says they were as successful as those who used medication (nicotine patches and e-cigarettes) to quit. Well, let me tell you something: The first few days were easier than the past two days have been. In fact, I think I do need medication. Preferably liquid medication. Like a piƱa colada. Or two.

Going to concentrate on working on my novel tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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