Saturday, January 07, 2012

Traveling Alone/Together

We are on a new path. For years, we traveled together shoulder to shoulder, working together for common goals. Now we find ourselves with diverse interests, dichotomous goals. The trick is to weave our lives together using separate threads, avoid tangles and knots, and to end up with a cohesive product pleasing to each of us and both of us, that still satisfies our individual goals.

“You suffer because you cling to the world.” I suffer for you, because you cling to the world. But I respect your choice. “Give up desiring as much as you can.” Only up to the point to which you are able. That is the premise of Buddhism. It is the Middle Way. “Don’t desire to give up more desire than you can, and if you find that a problem, don’t desire to be successful in giving up more desire than you can.”


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