Friday, March 02, 2012

Reach Out, But Not With Rocks

I just wrote the longest, most profound thing of my life and got an error and now it's gone. Trying to recreate.

Sometimes I reach out to others and find I cannot connect, no matter how hard I try. My hand goes right through them, or else suddenly veers to the left or right and misses them completely. And I keep trying until I am weary and sad and then angry. That's when I want to just throw rocks at the others. I mean, what difference does it make, right? The rocks aren't going to connect anyway. But that's the fallacy; the rocks do make contact. The rocks make contact and they hurt the people. And not only do they hurt the people, they anger the people, and cause the people to shut me out on purpose this time instead of incidentally.

And the worst of all is, some people live their entire lives like this, not connecting with others although they desparately try. They are magnets turned the wrong way somehow. They push to connect but are always repelled. And they become hurt and then angry and push harder, are repelled just as hard, and they can't understand why.

There is a rift in the fabric of the Universe that causes these disconnective episodes. I don't pretend to understand the purpose of them; for me, it is enough to know they are temporary and I live in confidence knowing I will eventually connect again. But for some of our brothers and sisters, there is no such assurance. And they throw rocks. So if someone sits and throws rocks at you, instead of throwing rocks back throw Grace if you possibly can. Then be thankful you aren't stuck on the wrong side of the Universal rift. ~~GHC

Note: You do NOT want to Google "throw rocks." *Shudders*

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