Monday, October 15, 2012

Bonus Post: Guest Poet Robert Augustus Masters

For full effect, listen to video beginning at 1:40 for this post. I apologize; this is not my favorite version of this tune but it the only version I could find that plays on all platforms. 

 Poetry should not be so much read as imbibed, perhaps after releasing its juices with an unapologetically deep bite or two. No bibs. No napkined abyss. Sit as though you are at a feast, even if the fare is spare, knowing that the tiniest morsel can make the biggest difference.
                                ~~Robert Augustus Masters

For my special friend on this momentous day; you know who you are. I hope you understand.

In grief, the heart is broken in the same way that a stream rushing down through a mountainside forest is broken — it’s still cohesive spiritually, still unified in essence, its elemental dying only strengthening and affirming its fundamental aliveness, its rough-and-tumble course only furthering its dynamic yet utterly vulnerable surrender. 
                                         ~~Robert Augustus Masters

Let the unknown dissolve in a deeper unknown
See more than what is shown
The undoing that we fear is already here
The Mystery of mysteries closer than near
Beyond all familiarity we eventually must go
This we fight and this we know

                     ~~Robert Augustus Masters

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