Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun with Anagrams

Interesting. I Googled "Omega Girl" and this image appeared.
There are EIGHT Omega Girls. My anagram is "Ninth Omega Girl."
Cue "Theme from Twilight Zone"

I ran my “Ginger Hamilton” name through an anagram creator and it spit out over 52,200 combinations. Here are some of my favorites. What is your vote? Leave a comment and let me know!

Nightmare Lingo
Large Mini Thong
Ninth Omega Girl
Grim Night Alone
Thine Grim Anglo
Enamoring Light

Incidentally, the "N" word is an anagram of my first name. :-(

Malingering Hot
Realigning Moth
Emailing Throng
Triangle Homing
Altering Homing
Integral Homing
Relating Homing
Alerting Homing

Anion Germ Light
Who knew there really was one?

Anion Germ Light
Negro Night Mail
Irma Tingle Hong
Gilt Manor Hinge
Aligning Mother
Align Mothering
A Hermit Longing

There actually are two Youtube videos entitled 'Nightmare Login." One is 1:18 of an online game login page. Yawn. The other is an advertisement for some gambling how-to-beat-Vegas. 

Nightmare Login
Agile Night Morn
Light Nor Enigma

Mint Grog? Close enough.

Inhale Mint Grog
Marine Night Log

To generate your own anagrams, check out this site: http://wordsmith.org/anagram/

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