Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bonus Post: A Candle in the Darkness

Winter and December/January in particular are difficult for many, many people. The gravitas of the holidays combine with shorter days, longer nights, in the Northern hemisphere colder temperatures. Winter is a time of reflection, of endings, of assessment. We weigh our lives and it is easy to find ourselves wanting. 

We are not perfect. Should we be surprised? Did we truly expect to obtain perfection in this lifetime? Is that a reasonable expectation? 

To all of us who struggle, who feel consumed with darkness, who suffer from the weight of our own internal critic, I wrote this as a gentle reminder to you. All it takes is the barest glimmer of Light, and darkness is overcome. It's as simple, and profound, as that.

Keep your chin up, don't give up the ship. Have hope. I love you.~~Ginger

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