Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bonus Post: Sandy Hook Massacre/Schoolchildren Stabbed in China

What Friday's tragic events have done more than anything as far as "we" are concerned is hold a mirror up and force us to examine ourselves and our world in a new light. 

Some of you have never considered the possibility of losing your children; for you, this raises issues of fear and potential loss, rage and helplessness. 

Others struggle to make sense of something senseless, and attempt to seat blame 
(as if seating blame will make it somehow better). In the meantime, many of those same people point fingers and blame one another, sparking more discord and disharmony.

Meanwhile, Mother grieves for all Her children across the world, not just the ones who resemble her most closely, not just for the ones whose faces are broadcast, not just for the ones who are "innocent." 

We all are innocent. Or at least, we all started off that way. I grieve for each and every one of us.

These issues are about more than mental health, more than gun control or knife control, more than safety. These issues go to the root of society's ills, to the failure of Man to connect deeply with one another. Please, in your grief and fear and anger, do not alienate one another. Now is the time to reach out and hold each other.

There will be time for examination and autopsy later. Now is the time to console your brothers and sisters. I love you, all of you. And I'm sorry.~~GH

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