Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yellow Meal Day

When my older two children were small and I was a divorced working mom, money was incredibly tight. I made a point to always serve colorful meals - each food item a different color for more balanced nutrition (and interest). Well, one time I was down to brass tacks and all I had left were random items: Macaroni and cheese, a jar of applesauce, and a can of corn. So I made it a party and called it 
"Yellow Meal Day!" 

The children loved it! It was different! So they would request Yellow Meal Day every so often. Tonight, my son told me things were tight in his world, and I asked him if he remembered Yellow Meal Day. "Oh yeah," he said. "I love Yellow Meal Day!"

I told him the story of how Yellow Meal Day came to be. I think it helped :)

P.S. I shared this with my older daughter, who immediately replied that she *loved* Yellow Meal Day! She then added she had a White Meal Day tonight -- pasta, Alfredo sauce, and chicken breast meat. Interesting how family traditions originate.

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