Friday, December 14, 2012

Ginger's Egg Salad Recipe -- Seriously

And now for something different: My egg salad recipe! How's this for unexpected?

Perfect hard-boiled eggs without the green skin? Put however many raw eggs in pan (doesn't matter how many or how few - just be sure you can completely cover them with water), cover with room temperature water, bring to roiling boil. 

Turn off heat, cover tightly. 

Let sit for 20 minutes. Not a minute longer! **This is the secret step**

Drain hot water, rinse and replace water two or three times to stop cooking. 

Fill pan back up with tap water and add five or six ice cubes. Let sit for two or three minutes. 

Tap eggs on big end to crack. Peel. Should peel fairly easily now.

See how nice and bright yellow they are? 
Every time. Guaranteed!
Now that you've admired your pretty hard-boiled eggs,
it's time to chop 'em up. Just mash 'em with a fork, or slice them with a knife and fork, or mush 'em however works best for you.

Mmmm, gerkins! Delicious sweetness. Must eat a few to be sure they are "just right." *wink* Chop up however many you think you want in your egg salad. This is not rocket science, folks.  If you insist on a formula, maybe 1/2 teaspoon (that's the smaller spoon) per egg is a good ratio to begin with.  I think I used five gerkins, so that is one per egg (but I *really* like gerkins). Pour in a little gerkin juice, too. 
Alternatively, you can use sweet relish. Either is fine.

Usually, you'll use mayonnaise to bind your egg salad mixture. Today, I couldn't find the mayo jar -- I know, crazy, right? I grabbed a bottle of ranch salad dressing and tried it out. Amazingly tasty, good substitute! How much to use? Geesh, you ask hard questions. By now, you should be able to tell I don't measure much when I cook. I recommend at first adding less than you think you'll need. I prepared five eggs and probably used 1/4 to 1/3 cup of ranch dressing. My salad was a little on the "wet" side for my taste. 

Enjoy! Egg salad is great on plain or toasted bread, in a pita, with celery, sooo many ways I can't begin to list 'em all. Most people add salt and pepper to taste. I used to add a wee bit of minced garlic to mine but I wasn't in the mood for it this time. Chopped onion is good, as well, or onion powder. But this batch is just basic, plain ole egg salad with no frills. Enjoy! ~GH

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