Saturday, December 08, 2012


People tend to remark on my positive attitude (when I'm experiencing one - LoL). I have to attribute it almost entirely to the author of the Pollyanna books, Eleanor Hodgman Porter. 

I read and re-read books under the shade of a cherry tree while munching on grapes from a vine that grew unattended deep in the woods behind my house. The books and the tiny creatures, the trees and the clouds and the wind were my companions growing up. 

Me, Age 6

Who knows what I'd be today if the books had been different?

Pollyanna is not about pretending bad doesn't exist. She is not about being a Stepford Person. The message of the book was never intended to be "blind optimism". 

About the storybook, "Pollyanna did not pretend that everything was sugar-coated goodness," her creator Mrs. Porter insisted, "instead Pollyanna was positively determined to find the good in every situation." About Eleanor Hodgman Porter, creator of Pollyanna

That is a manageable goal. You can do it. And when you can find good -- even the smallest glimmer of good -- you can manage to feel Hope. Feel Hope. I ♥ you.~~GHC


Karen Brideweser said...

My Mom used to always call me Pollyanna. I bet she had the REAL meaning right. You are exactly right, it IS doable. I love your musings! <3

Ginger said...

Thanks, Karen. People used to refer derisively to Pollyanna, assuming they knew what she stood for. Subtle difference between always seeing good, and always seeing the good in what exists, but that difference makes all the difference. :) Heh.