Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Poem: Tether Ball

Tether Ball 

~~Ginger Hamilton (Caudill)

I am a tether ball pole.
You, my child, are attached to me
You swing freely but will always be

Tethered to me, your center
Your originating point
Your base

I remain steady
You have swung far and wide
Wild and free, or tentatively

I was always there
Am always here
Will always be 

If you need to touch base
Just swing by
I'm always home

Sometimes you cry and claim
I left you, I was never there
I was always here; it was you who left

You can leave behind your father
But your mother?
You carry your mother with you

Even when you cut the cord
The impression remains
The connection exists

If you require proof
I'm no further away
Than your navel

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