Saturday, April 20, 2013

Death, Sex, and the Muse

Thursday, I ordered "Denial of Death", a book that among other things suggests mental illness may be result of getting bogged down in the failure of your own hero's journey. Friday, Amazon sent me links to romance novels. 

(I have never in my life bought a romance novel or even perused them online or in person). I think Amazon's algorithm is drunk. That, or they decided based on the last bunch of books I ordered that I need to lighten up. :) Or get laid. 

They may be right.

In other personal news, the Muse delivered a story to my feet early Friday morning. Like 5 a.m., per usual. The Muse is an insomniac, or else functions on European time zones. I figure where the Muse is from, Time doesn't matter because she darned sure acts that way when she interacts with me! 

I was literally walking from the bathroom to my bedroom when Persephone started telling me the story. Nearly unconscious, I had just enough brain function remaining to remember I have a voice recorder on my phone. So instead of staggering downstairs and writing, I dictated the skeleton of the story. 

Then I went to sleep. Score for modern technology! So a new short story will be forthcoming. Warning: It is dark, post-apocalyptic, not warm and fuzzy. Shades of T.S. Eliot, even.


Mick Craig said...

So where is it, already?

Ginger said...

Mick, there's an excerpt on my timeline. Really doesn't reveal anything about the story. More of a character sketch. The development is complicated. It's gonna take a day or two, three to line it out, that's if it goes smoothly. ~~G

Karen said...

I can't wait for you to finish it! :)